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NEWBrivis Promina SKY-01-01-01
Promina Specs-01

Brivis Promina – Evaporative Cooling System

Product Description

  • The Brivis Promina uses advanced technologies developed for the sleek Brivis Contour to ensure quality and reliability. For example, the Brivis Promina incorporates the Brivis designed fan which maximises airflow with quiet operation.
  • In the Brivis Promina, the AutoRefresh water management system controls the amount of fresh water added to the system. Once a pre-determined number of fill cycles have been completed the cooler will automatically flush the entire tank and refill it with clean, fresh water
  • Low profile sloping base
  • Auto Refresh water management system
  • Super quite axle fan
  • Fan speed sensing
  • Winter seal to prevent loss of heat during winter
  • When cooling is no longer required the Brivis Promina will automatically run the Fresh Start operation which means there is no stagnant water or sediment sitting in the cooler before it starts up again
Additional Information
Promina Size

P35, P45, P55, P65, P75


Beige, Charcoal, Terra Red


Brivis Manual, Brivis Networker, Brivis Programmable


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