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  • 2017 Winter Gas Rebates


    $500 off when you install gas hot water, central heating, or space heating

    AGN NG Rebate main


    Take advantage of natural gas for your home heating needs, whether you’re after heating for a feature room or the whole home:

    • Enjoy instant warmth – summer all year round
    • Add character and charm
    • No more fussing with chopping wood or other messy fuels
    • Heating solutions for homes and rooms of all sizes

     Enjoy the benefits of natural gas hot water:

    • Temperature controlled – safe
    • Hot water that never runs out
    • Only heat the water you need

     What’s the offer?

    For a limited time, eligible existing home customers can claim a $500 rebate for the installation of the following major appliances:

    • Natural gas hot water systems
    • Natural gas ducted central heating or hydronic heating
    • Natural gas flued space heating

    Each household can claim a maximum of one $500 rebate per appliance type – that’s up to $1500 off! Plus, homes connecting to natural gas for the first time (and who install either natural gas hot water, central heating, or flued space heating) can also take up the special $500 connection bonus currently on offer by Australian Gas Networks.


    General campaign terms:

    • A limited number of natural gas rebates for major appliances (i.e. hot water, ducted central or hydronic heating, flued space heating) are available to the first 3500 valid claims in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales.
    • Appliances must be installed during the Campaign Period, which is 1 January 2017 through to 31 December 2017 (or until the rebate quota has been exhausted).
    • In Victoria and New South Wales, this offer is only available to customers serviced by Australian Gas Networks. To check location eligibility, use this postcode list.
    • Offer applies to existing properties, including rental properties.
    • Rebates are available only through participating suppliers 
    • Rebates are for new natural gas business (i.e. for new installations, or upgrades from appliances not solely fuelled by natural gas).
    • Only one $500 for EACH appliance type can be claimed by an eligible household. i.e. 1 x $500 hot water rebate, 1 x ducted central heater or hydronic heating rebate, 1 x flued space heating.



    • Natural gas to natural gas appliance replacements (unless a home is upgrading from a space heater to a central heating system).
    • New home installations.
    • ‘Installation only’ jobs (proof of purchase must be provided).


     For more information please call 03 94085786 or visit us in store at 1a/650 High St, Epping 3076

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  • What are the benefits of evaporative cooling and what are the running costs?

    Is Evaporative Cooling Cost Effective?

    Evaporative cooling is a really simple system: taking warm, dry air cooling it and delivering it throughout your home.

    Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

    What that allows you to do is enjoy a modern lifestyle with your family. You’re able to entertain with al-fresco areas, while having your windows and doors open. The system blasts air through the house allowing you to keep the home opened up instead of bunking it down to keep the cool air in. This is very different to reverse cycle air-conditioning where the blinds are down, the windows and doors are closed, and you constantly have to remind the family to keep closing doors. It’s all about keeping it open and letting the air flow through the home.
    The other advantage is that being a really simple system, it doesn’t have refrigerant and it doesn’t involve complex engineering. It’s really a fan and wet blanket to make the air feel as though it’s cooler.

    Energy Saving & Cheaper to run Air Conditioner

    Being a simple system, and you’re only running a fan, a major advantage is that it’s much cheaper to run. So instead of running multiple appliances to achieve cooling as you would with a reverse cycle system, you’re just running a fan. This means you’re looking at a difference of about 20 cents an hour to run compared to about $1.20. Of course, this also depends on where you live and your energy service provider but the savings on electricity and on the running costs are enormous with evaporative cooling.
    Evaporative cooling offers a better cooling solution. It’s more humid so you don’t get dry, itchy eyes, and you don’t get itchy skin. It feels natural and comfortable to live in and makes your home more enjoyable for the whole family.

    Take a look at our range of energy efficient Evaporative Cooling.

    Smaller. Colder. Quieter.


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  • Do You Get Different Types Of Heat From Reverse Cycle Versus Gas Ducted Heating?

    When deciding on a home temperature control system, whether it would be a gas ducted heating or reverse cycle system, the ideal outcome is that someone walks into the room and not feel as though they’re in an artificially air conditioned space. They don’t want to feel a breeze; they don’t want to feel like as if they’re walking through a wind tunnel or anything. It should be just the air there and it feels comfortable to be in.

    Heat Your Whole Home With Gas Ducted Heating

    With gas ducted heating, you’re getting a nice warm comfortable feel. It doesn’t dry your eyes or dry your skin out. It’s a natural form of heat that actually responds quickly to changes. If you want it to be warmer, you turn it up, and it will respond and deliver heat quickly. Thus it will heat the house faster and you would then be able to monitor the temperature really well. ducted_inverter_donsr-dinlr_ductedBrivis BX520 website

    If what you want to achieve is a whole home solution, it is a little bit easier when going with natural gas. It actually has a larger capacity, going up to 35 kilowatt system for residential, with a high output system that gives you a whole home solution. This means that you can go back and you can zone or you can take it back to a single room if you choose. Having the option to heat the whole home in one go is a really valuable asset to have.

    It all goes back again to how you use the home and how you live in the home as a family. If whole home heating is a benefit to you and a real asset, then it’s good to have a gas ducted system even though you may not use it all the time. It’s about just doing it at a flick of a button is a great thing and that warm natural heat that isn’t drying.

    Explore our range of Split System and Ducted Heating or Contact Us for more information on the right heating system for your home.

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  • Servicing your gas log heater

    Have Your Heater Serviced Annually

    Be sure to service your heater for warm and cosy winter! Contact us to arrange a service and internal clean by a qualified service technician.The service and internal clean should be carried out annually, by a professional.

    Lengthen the Life of Your Heater

    It’s a sure fire way to keep your heater durable and your home gas safe. Without this essential check you could be putting your heater through unnecessary wear and tear, which may result in preventable faults or carbon monoxide dangers.

    You can dust out the cobwebs on the external surface of your gas heater yourself. All cleaning should be carried out when the heater is cold. Normally the heater should only need wiping with a lint-free damp cloth. Clean the outer glass with a mild liquid or spray-on glass cleaner. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the heater.

    Contact Us today to enquire about a Heater Service and Clean.

    .fitzroy platinum surround

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  • What’s The Most Efficient Way To Heat My Home?

    Ways to Efficiently Heat Your Whole Home

    When looking at heating solutions, there are lots of options from a single room to a full home solution that involves running an air duct through each room and delivering air into the area.

    A single room solution can be anything from a wood fireplace to an electric fan. But if you’re looking at a whole home solution, you can zone in with either the reverse cycle or ducted system.

    The Right Heater For You Depends on the Climate

    It really depends on what the temperature is outside –to what’s the most efficient at the time, which makes it a little bit difficult because you know you can’t have both. A reverse cycle system is working to take the temperature outside and extract every little bit of heat that it can from the air outside and deliver that air in through the fan coil. If it’s really cold outside this system’s going to work harder to achieve the same result as opposed to gas ducted heating, which will give you constant heat, no matter what the temperature is outside.
    Reverse cycle is great in areas like Sydney where it never gets really cold especially further to the coast. As you move further out west in Sydney it does really get cold.

    If you’re in a double brick home that stays in the shadow for most of the mornings in winter, the house is cold. The best way to heat up a cold house really fast is with gas ducted heating. If you’re looking at just having a constant temperature, if it was 15 degrees and you want to take it to 22 degrees, which is a nice comfortable temperature to live in, then reverse cycle air conditioning is a really nice and efficient way to heat in that form.

    Gas Ducted Heating for Cold Melbourne Mornings

    Both systems use energy, but it’s the type of energy and the type of technology being used that’s important. It has to be the most appropriate for your environment or for the area that you live in. So if you are in areas such as Melbourne and Canberra and other areas in the mountain that’s really cold and constantly below seven degrees, you’d be really looking at gas ducted heating as an option.

    Further to that, you got natural gas ducted heating versus LPG. LPG is a little bit more expensive energy source to use. But still, if you really are in a cold environment, it’s still using the efficiency of gas and that capability to deliver heat no matter what the temperature is outside. So even in LPG areas, it is still a benefit sometimes to have gas ducted heating. It just really depends on where you are and how cold it is.

    At Natgas we know how to keep your family comfortable and warm in winter, explore our range of Heating.

    Contact us if you have any questions about efficiently heating your home.

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  • Am I Better Off Going For A Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating And Cooling Or Ducted Gas Heating With Reverse Cycle Cooling?

    Gas ducted heating is an efficient method of heating, especially in really cold climates. However, most homes in Australia need both heating and cooling, and this is where it gets a bit tricky. You want the benefits of both gas ducted heating as well as reverse cycle cooling, but what is the best way to have both?
    Some companies have systems that offer both heating and cooling that runs on the same principles and through the same controller as gas ducted heating. It can be zoned. You can set the temperature for each zone and get full flexibility, getting all the benefits of gas ducted heating without losing anything on the refrigerated cooling. It is really an immensely efficient way to heat and cool your home.

    Plan your Heating & Cooling System

    When looking at gas ducted heating with refrigerated cooling, it’s really important to plan it from the start because the air requirements for the refrigerated side for cooling is slightly greater than the gas ducted heating. So the duct, the vent and the whole system have to be designed from the start.
    To include the refrigerated cooling doesn’t mean you have to install both of them at the same time right after purchasing the unit. For instance, you may install the gas ducted heater at the beginning of winter and then the refrigerated cooling after a couple of months.

    Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is Great in Warmer Climates

    Reverse cycle air conditioning is great in areas where you don’t have a huge heating demand –in areas where it’s fairly mild like the east coast of New South Wales up through Queensland. These areas generally don’t get as cold as below six or seven degrees.
    It’s fine to use reverse cycle for cooling but if you were to consider your heating requirements, you would want a product that is a lot more flexible. A ducted gas heating with reverse cycle cooling unit answers both your cooling and heating needs through its dual function. It’s all integrated into one controller and really delivers you the benefits of gas ducted heating in the cold months and also the benefits of refrigerated cooling in the warmer months.
    Our trained heating and cooling technicians are available to help you choose the right system for your home. Contact them today.

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  • What is Evaporative Cooling and how does it work?

    When seeking a cooling system for your home or business that is efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly, an evaporative cooling system should be top of the list.
    With current concerns regarding the impact on the environment from technology plus the ever-increasing cost of living, an evaporative cooling system provides the superior alternative to air conditioning for creating an optimal healthy indoor environment throughout the whole house that is eco-friendly and bank account friendly.
    Conventional air conditioning works by taking air already inside of your house, passing it through a fan coil that cools it down and then delivers it back into the home. Because of this process, it is necessary to close all windows and doors so that the manufactured cold air will not escape, and you have to wait for it to get cold.

    Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

    Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, takes a more innovative approach. As the name suggests, the process cools air by evaporating water. This is done first by drawing in the surrounding fresh, hot or warm, dry air from outside your house via a cooling unit on top of the roof that is connected to a series of outlets, or ducts, placed strategically throughout the building. The warm is then filtered through wet pads or quilts, with the resulting evaporation cooling the air and increasing its moisture content. This technique allows evaporative cooling devices to be used even in open areas.
    So essentially, it takes in the warm air from the outside and the produced cool air is then blasted through the entire house via the ductwork into every room you want cooled and then out through open windows and doors, giving a steady supply of fresh, cool air.

    Evaporative Cooling is Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

    The benefits of evaporative cooling far outweigh those of traditional air conditioning. For a start, because of its design, it uses significantly less power per hour. This translates to bigger savings on utility costs, which not only means less impact on your bank account but also on the environment. Unlike air conditioning, evaporative coolers use no CFCs and thus do not release any into the atmosphere, which have been claimed to affect the ozone layer. In addition, it is more efficient, simple, and practical especially in areas with a dry, hot climate.

    Evaporative Cooling is the Healthy Choice

    Because evaporative cooling does not use recycled air like air conditioning does, you get only fresh, healthier cool air. The air is not dry, unlike air conditioning which tends to dry out the air and irritate some people’s eyes. Also, stale air in your home is completely replaced with fresh air. This means smells and allergens are not re-circulated; this is why sufferers of allergies or asthma will often choose an evaporative cooling system over air conditioning.
    One other reason Australians who love the great outdoors and hate the feeling of being ‘cooped up’ choose evaporative cooling over air conditioning is because doors and windows are left open, even in summer. In the winter months, the fans can be switched on when you want to remove winter stale air from your home as well — a great way to dispel those winter germs out of the house.

    We have a wide range of evaporative cooling systems for sale, explore our range today.

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  • How efficient is an Evaporative Cooler?

    Evaporative cooling is definitely a cost-effective method of cooling. As opposed to running a condenser and a fan inside with the reverse cycle air conditioning, all you are running is a fan.

    But just how efficient is Evaporative Cooling?

    Evaporative cooling is like passing air across a wet blanket, causing an increase in humidity thus having a cooling effect. The more humid, the more moisture is in the air, the greater the cooling effect. In this respect, you would be looking at what would be the cost of about 20 cents per hour to run. As opposed to the reverse cycle air conditioning, this would cost you about a dollar and 20 cents per hour to run.

    Evaporative Cooling works best in Dry Climates

    Overall efficiency depends on the individual unit and your location. Say for example, if you are located in Sydney where it is hot and humid on that day, then you are not going to get any cooling effect by adding more moisture in the air when it is already humid. Whereas if you are located in Canberra or in Melbourne and on a hot, dry day, by adding some moisture in the air will bring a nice cooling effect.
    So for measuring the efficiency, it is not really efficient if you are not achieving your goal here – that is, a nice comfortable environment to live in. If you want to efficiently achieve positive results it will depend on installing the right type of system. However, if evaporative cooling is the appropriate unit to choose, it would not matter where you live and how much is the cost as it will always save you from spending too much on electricity.
    Explore our range of evaporative coolers today.


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  • Evaporative Cooling Servicing

    Summer is Coming

    Footy finals will be here and gone before we know it and we can feel the mornings are becoming warmer, we know that another long hot summer is just around the corner. This should be a reminder to us all that it is time to have our Evaporative Coolers serviced and checked for safe operation and maximum efficiency.

    Get your Evaporative Cooling Serviced Today

    Most Evaporative Coolers require regular servicing at least every 2-3 years. Servicing consists of cleaning and adjusting fans equipment, pads and the water reservoir. We also conduct a general safety check of the appliance and will test for safe operation.
    Evaporative Cooler servicing starts from as little as $190.00, and all our servicemen are fully trained in Evaporative Cooler servicing so call 03 94085786 to organize your cooler service before Melbourne suffers another heatwave.

    Natgas Shop technicians service all Melbourne metro areas and parts of country Victoria, contact us today to see if we service your area.


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