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Our Products

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a fantastic whole home air conditioning solution. Ducted Air conditioning allows you to quickly cool every room in your home with ease. Ducted systems can also be used to heat your home in winter, making them a convenient year-round temperature control solution.


Split System Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioning units are a great way to cool specific rooms in the home. There are a number of advantages to split system units, specifically the energy savings that come from the ability to cool a specific room or area of the home. Split system Air Conditioning units are also able to heat your home in winter which also makes them a all-year round temperature control solution.


Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling systems provide a great whole home cooling solution. Evaporative cooling allows you to open up your home to the outdoors while cooling it, allowing you to enjoy alfresco areas while bringing the outdoors in. Evaporative cooling is a great energy efficient option for the dry summer heat experienced by Melbourne homes.


Air Conditioning Sales & Installation

Air Conditioning Service & Installation

We are a proudly family owned and run business that specialises in installation and aftersales care. We have an expert team of qualified and experienced Air Conditioning installers ready to install the air conditioner of your choice and keep your family cool in summer.

We Service & Repair Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our air conditioning technicians are also available to service your system to ensure that it continues to cool your home and keep your family comfortable year-round. Our technicians are also available to carry out system repairs. If its service, repairs or maintenance you need, give us a call today or book a technician to visit your property.

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